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Get the Best E-Liquids in the UAE

You want to quit smoking but you can’t bear to think a life without a cigarette, then we are here to offer you with a replacement. Our replacement will make you think twice before going to the old traditional ways of smoking. We present you with e-liquids. These, when taken through the e-cigarette, then it can make your life better and without any doubt, much better. Give your lungs a rest and try e-liquids from Best Vape Store Dubai.

What is e-liquid?

It works as a fuel for e-cigarettes that can help you in breaking your habit of smoking and give you a perfect replacement.  E-cigarettes use the principle of aerosols. An aerosol is a suspension that has little tiny particles that can be either solid or liquid in a gas. E-liquids can be in many flavours or they can contain chemicals like:

  • Nicotine

Nicotine is widely used because it can help a smoker in quitting his habit. These are also called as e-liquids. If you do not like nicotine or you want to get rid of the addiction of smoking, we have a huge collection of nicotine free e-liquids. The strength of nicotine in an e-cig can range from 6mg per ml to 12 mg per ml in an e-liquid. Most of the users start at a high dose of nicotine and then gradually lower the amount of nicotine. It basically helps the user to overcome their habit of smoking. E-cigs are very useful in making you forget about those traditional ones.

  • Propylene glycols carries the flavour well
  • Glycerin produce better puffs
  • Flavoring

They were first invented in 2003 by a Chinese pharmacist and are in wide use since 2004. Now in 2016, there use is as abundant as the cigarette but they are less harmful than the cigarettes because they do not really cause any diseases. But mostly the people use them for recreational purposes. You can use them too and see what all the talking is about.

Why should you use e-cigarettes instead of normal cigarettes?

  • In normal cigarettes, it is easier to develop a lung cancer but the chances to develop cancer from e-cigarettes are low.
  • E-cigarettes do not have any second hands effect reported. So not only you but the people that surround you are safe.
  • They don’t have any effect on the air pollution.
  • People who have a problem quitting smoking can also take advantage of them.

Why buy from us?

We have a wide range of e-liquids that our client can take benefit for. We have flavours for every type of customer from a new buyer to one that is regular. We have quite a variety of different flavours used in cigarettes. The price depends on the type of flavour and the chemical used, it can be nicotine, propylene glycol etc. Just from the first puff, you can analyse our quality. We stop at nothing but to satisfy our clients. We believe in making the customer happy.  Many companies offer a variety of e-liquids but we have the best among the rest.