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Get in style with Box-Mods by Best Vape Store Dubai

There are many types of e-cigarettes. Since its invention till now there has been so much evolution in the e-cigarette as there are so many new technologies have been introduced so is the advancements in the e-cigarette. Now the most recent and advanced type of e-cigarette is the boxmod which are available at our Best Vape Store Dubai. Now the concept of smoking has changed over here where you just hold a stick and start smoking, and in the stick of e-cigarette, you also need to charge that stick or connect it to a supply of electricity, so that the coil gets hot and starts to make the vapours which you can smoke.

Battery in Box-Card in UAE

In the Box-card there is a built-in battery which does not require any kind of charging for a long time because there is a set of two batteries inside it. Which will serve you for a longer time period? If you are already using the e-cigarettes from a longer time period then you must have known about the old e-cigarettes which does not even complete a day with a fully charged battery. But with the help of this boxcard, you can easily manage up with 2 days. These are the latest batteries which can last longer than those traditional batteries.

Electronic Chip in Dubai

Moreover, there is also an electronics chip fixed inside it which will serve you in many advantageous ways. Due to this, you cannot only smoke the e-fluids but now you can also smoke different herbs or even the oils which are used for smoking purpose. This all will be done due to the temperature control feature in it. Everything cannot be smoked at a constant temperature so now you can change the temperature of the coil just according to your choice or the type of fluid or herb which you are going to smoke. Due to this key feature, you do not have to burn the component which you will smoke and have the unwanted smoke.

Furthermore, there is also a feature which is known as input/output feature with the help of this feature you can control the power of your box-card coil and due to this feature you can even control the amount of vapour which you are going to inhale in yourself. So the better is to use the box-car and enjoy the perfect sort of smoke.

These box-cards come in the shape of a pack of a cigarette with a hole at the top of which you are going to inhale the vapour and the bottom you have to attach the chamber which will contain the fluid, wax or herbs. Due to these amazing features, you will surely want a box-car, and for sure we have got the variety of boxcards and all of them are high in quality and standard with the powerful features in it and all of this can be easily available to you by Best Vape Store Dubai