Privacy Policy

As a company, it is really necessary for us to take care of the privacy of all of our customers. Belief of people in us is obvious by the fact that they submit all of their personal data on our website, and as for the customer satisfaction and to prove their believe in us we are strictly confidential about data of our customers and are keen to take care of this fact. Some products and stuff are specified for certain age group and are not legal for the rest as for their own personal benefit which is the reason why Best Vape Store Dubai demands the age of the buyer of that product.

Personal Information

Why some products are only for the sale of certain age group and are not to be given to age less than that? This is because they are unaware of disadvantages and misuse of that product so they end up causing damage to their own self and this is the reason why they are illegal to buy that particular product.

Any illegal sale of such products to that age group can cause bad impact on society and the name of seller as well. Under all of these circumstances we have to ensure the age and for that purpose know all the data related to our customers so that we can verify the age of our customers, and by this we can know that we are selling our product to someone who is really legal to use it.

This is the only reason why Best Vape store Dubai requires your personal data and is determined to keep it confidential The only type of information demanded by our customers are

  • Contact information
  • Name
  • Postal address
  • Age verification documents

These are some of the information which we are bound to check for all the customers we are dealing with. Moreover, you do not have to worry about your misuse of your data and information since we have been dealing in this respect from many past years and have been successful in this purpose so far, no complaints about invasion of privacy has ever been reported in these past years, and this is the reason that we have the trusted clients all over the UAE.

Besides this, we also gather the reviews about our products in order to make improvements in our services and our products so that we can fulfil any deficiency we might be having regarding the quality of products.

Surfing on Best Vape Store Dubai Website won’t affect Your Personal Privacy

Many of you do not know about the cookies, well basically cookies are the small files which are stored automatically on your hard drive whenever you are going to test a website, then that file acts as a web application and keeps an eye on all of our web traffic and keeps an eye on websites you have been using a lot. It is not a spy thing, rather you can say that due to this we are able to improve the deficiencies we are facing in our website and it also helps us to increase the web traffic on our website.

Not just our company but all the companies in the world are bound to follow these privacy policies so that we can build an atmosphere of trust with our customers for the better services.