Delivery Options

As you know that Best Vape Store Dubai is providing you with best electronic cigarettes. These cigarettes contain nicotine in it. This is equal to a normal cigarette but is less harmful than the other cigarettes. These cigarettes also give its users a little bit of addiction or we must say habituation of nicotine. But it is not stronger than heroin and cocaine.

As by our name and image, we are selling you our products but with the selling of a product, we are also providing you with our services for your convenience. Our goods can be available at your place anytime without causing any discomfort of you.

Delivery of our quality products to people in UAE


The service we are providing you is the delivery of goods at your own place. There are many delivery options of e-cigarette in UAE. One of its major options of delivering their e-cigarette is shipment. But as we know that there are some restrictions on shipment of nicotine at some places and mostly on the greater than 72mg of nicotine. So, Best Vape Store Dubai charges a little bit more than usual on the delivery of electronic cigarette.

How to calculate delivery charges:

Delivery charges are calculated according to the area, weight of that particular product and how far that area is where you have to deliver.

There are also some rules for delivery of product for example if goods go out of warehouse then we will not be responsible for the damage in the shipment. Because we always maintain the quality of our products and can’t even imagine having such mistake by our company.

Problems Regarding Transportation in Dubai

If there is any problem is notices in that product then we will check that first that whether the mistake was done by our staff or by the transportation company. If a mistake noticed is likely to happen by us then care is taken to avoid such mistakes ever again and will change your product too. But if a mistake is by transportation company then they will have to bear those charges.

If you want urgent delivery of your products then we are willing to give you midnight delivery service so that you can receive your delivery at demanded time. But this facility by Vape store in Dubai stays limited during workdays and through weekend we are less likely to provide you with urgent delivery services.

We start readying your order in just 15 min after you made it. We have divided our time by the orders you have made and the charges will be also according to it. That delivery you demand from us. for example,

  • If the order is from another country then the delivery charges and time duration will base on what country we are delivering our goods.
  • If the order is made by second class then the delivery will take time of 3 to 4 days and delivery charges will 2.75 but the delivery cost will be free on making a purchase of 20 the delivery cost will be free.
  • If the order is made by some first class person then the delivery of e-cigarette will be made in just 1 to 3 days but its charges will be more than second class.
  • We also made Saturday delivery but its order should be given before 3’o Clock on Friday.
  • If you want to make a next day delivery its charges will be 4.99

So these are some of the delivery options in Dubai of delivering electronic cigarette. These options make convenience for its customers that what type they have to choose for making a delivery of their e-cigarette.